Desco Africa Ltd is a design and Construction Company that was incorporated as a private limited company in the Republic of Kenya in 2008. The organization consists of professionals from various diverse backgrounds and skill sets that enable us to be versatile and dynamic in all perspectives while approaching problems and offering solutions.

This has made DAL a truly dedicated player offering a diverse range of services. With expertise in urban planning, Architecture, design, project management and facilitation, engineering, environmental management, equipment installation, transport and traffic management, financial structuring and turnkey execution; the end result is always aimed at community advancement.

We have strived to establish strong interdependent links between our products and the general community as the end users

Desco undertakes projects of varying construction levels from road construction to highrise buildings and all these in the east African region. Currently we have undertaken a new project that will give parking in Nairobi a new face.

Our partner's posses the qualifications for production, installation, service and transformation on five series of products.

They are the warehouse style parking equipment

The vertical elevating parking equipment

Elevating and transferring parking equipment

Simple elevating parking equipment

Auto elevating equipment

The parking equipment has been used successively and smoothly in lots of metropolitans of china and has won praise from customers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Nemenggi, Hubei, Huran etc The sales network covers all metropilans of china and also extends to other countries such as Mexico, Australia, Tanzania, Vietnam and Ireland.

By the firms conviction, the solid foundation of the design skills and the indomitable spirit and "giving service to the customer; sacrificing to the society" as its purpose, Desco Africa Ltd will together with our overseas partners endeavor to create a bright future for the parking industry, with help from the business community.