Motor Vehicle Parking Equipment

Over the years the population and the number of cars have increase, this means that urban living and working spaces are shrinking. The increase in cars has two major problems for motorists in Nairobi:

Traffic Jams

Limited Parking Space

Desco Africa's main concern is to try and abolish the Parking nightmare in Nairobi, with the City having very few solutions and private parking slots being in high demand, we have come up with solutions to address this nightmare. Using 50% less land area the automated parking system technology is flexible, requires minimal space, enables fast access, provides better safety and security for you and your car.

Desco Africa Limited is looking at setting up these elevating and sliding parking (PSH) equipment in strategic parts of the city by mainly working with private developers.

Following research and contact with various international players, agency rights were given from one of the biggest PSH companies in Asia to be the main supplier in East and Central Africa. With this technology an individual will not need to go through hectic searches to find parking in the busy streets, the driver simply enters the car into one of the multiple entry terminals and the vehicle is picked up by the computerized machines and parked inside the facility. The retrieval part is as simple where the car will be delivered in forward drive position within 1-3 minutes once access card is presented.

The automated parking systems will not only be commercialized but also residential to fit in your homes. Our Architects have creative freedom to design a garage that will fit harmoniously into its environment while integrating entry / exit terminals to fit both visual and functional criteria.

Below are a list of Automated Parking Solutions that Desco Africa currently have on offer.

Elevating and sliding Parking equipment(PSH)

Bi-Storey elevating sliding parking equipment

Tri-stories elevating-sliding parking equipment with pit

Multi-stories elevating sliding parking equipment

Targeted Locations

Ground level and underground parking garages in residential areas

Office buildings



Commercial Districts

Recreational areas

In addition to motor vehicle parking equipment we offer parking management solutions.